Alberto Del Rio ready to return to WWE after winning court case

Alberto Del Rio set to return to wrestling after he won his court case against Vince Mcmahon and WWE. The WWE superstar was fired from his job last month for hitting a social media employee Cody Barbierri at WWE. Most of the WWE staff was amazed to see this kind of behavior from Del Rio before the true story revealed. The former WWE Champion slapped Cody as he passed on racial comment against him.

WWE not only fired Del Rio but also entered a non-compete clause in his release from the company. The non-compete clause states that once a wrestler is cut from the company then he will not be able to appear on a televised event for 90days though being able to work at Independent shows. The Mexican wrestler wanted to work with AAA in Mexico and it being a televised event took WWE to the court in order to drop this clause. He succeeded in winning his case and will now be able to appear with any televised event he chooses.

Similar kind of thing happened to another former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan at WWE. During the time of his NXT debut, Bryan went too far to sell Nexus attack when he ended up choking WWE announcer Justin Roberts with his own tie. Bryan was released from the Company for this famously known as ‘tie-gate’ event. Bryan then ended up working in a huge Independent tour which made him more popular after the exposure he had received from WWE. After that when things blew over Daniel again returned to WWE and the rest is history.

WWE tried to do same with Alberto Del Rio but the difference here was that he himself was planning to leave the company after his contract expires as he was growing old and was finding difficult to cope up with schedules of WWE. Del Rio has decided to join the AAA making his debut at Sept 14. He will be teaming up with La Parka and formerly WWE’s Sin Cara known as Myzteziz against Texano, Jr., Averno and El Hijo del Perro Aguayo for his debut in the Mexican lucha libre organization.