Carlos Condit May Fight Thiago Alves in UFC Fight Night 67

UFC Fight Night 67 is likely to take place in Brazil. UFC is already trying to finalise the first matchup of the event and it is likely that the 30 years old American Mixed Martial Artist who was the champion in the Welterweight Category, Carlos Condit, will face off against the 31 years old Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist, Thiago Alves who has a considerable amount of experience of fighting in UFC. Their match is likely to be held in Brazil on 30th of May this year. The match has not been finalised yet. It is likely that UFC’s Fight Night 67 will be held in Goiania Arena which is in Goiania, Brazil. In this very Arena the second Dan Henderson versus Vitor Belfort match was held in the year 2013.

Carlos Condit has managed to secure victory in 29 and lost only eight professional bouts. Condit injured his knee fighting Tyron Woodley in UFC 171 last year which was held in the month of March and did not take part in any match since then. If Condit indeed gets to fight Alves in Brazil this year then it would be his first fight since then. Carlos Condit’s last win was when he managed to knock out Martin Kampmann in the fourth round and this year it is obvious that he will try to the best of his ability to keep winning matches.

Thiago Alves managed to win 21 professional matches and he lost only nine of them. He had suffered a number of injuries and did not fight for a little over two years but he took part in UFC 183 this year which was held in the Month of January and in the second round of his bout against Jordan Mein he managed to knock his opponent out. Thiago Alves won two matches consecutively this year, one against Jordan Mein and another against Seth Baczynski.

Carlos Condit says rehab was tough

Former interim Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Welterweight champion Carlos Condit is one of the most intense fighters the promotion has on its roster. Condit is a versatile fighter with a skill set that is extremely dangerous and it is this aggression and skill that has allowed the 30 year old to rack up one of the best finishing rates in the Welterweight division.

Yet, Condit is a fighter who can switch that aggression on and off at will. While his aggression has been a key ability behind his success in the UFC, his mental fortitude has been the most important element during the past eight months as he recovered from a torn ACL injury and a partially torn meniscus during his bout against Tyron Woodley at UFC 171 back in March.