Condit Clarifies Stance

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit has been on the receiving end of some barbed comments from fans, fighters and critics alike for not defending his title and sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the return of the UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre, who is scheduled to return to the ring in November after undergoing surgery. Much of the criticism was based on the fact that the interim title was introduced in order to keep the division moving and dynamic in the absence of the champion and as a result, it was insensible for Condit to sit on his title, waiting for the champion to return.

Condit drew further criticism when he stated that ion the case of a delayed return for Georges St Pierre, he would like to face Martin Kampmann for the title and that caused a lot of angry comments from fans and in particular, Hendricks, who believes that if anyone deserves a shot at the interim UFC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit at the moment, it is him.

And with his popularity waning day by day thanks to the weird remarks and actions that he has been making for some time, Condit has decided to come out and clarify his stance to one and all. Speaking to Fuel TV, Condit stated that he wasn’t the matchmaker, it was the UFC and if they decided to put him in a match, he could do nothing but accept it and get inside the ring. He also added that at the moment, the UFC want him to fight Georges St Pierre and that is something he wants as well and so, he has decided to sit it out.

But these comments have hardly made any impression on the fans and Carlos Condit is still being viewed as a coward by them.