Penn vs Condit Trailer

Carlos ConditVideo Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Penn vs Condit Trailer”

  1. 4pl3x says:

    @mma10101 Diaz destroyed penn all the rounds, bj got some good shots in the first round, your right but diaz outclassed him.

  2. 4pl3x says:

    @kurtsloane yea or he got the worst beating of his whole carrer by diaz and might retire.

  3. BoxingProtege says:

    @kurtsloane wishful thinking.

  4. breakdancerQ says:

    @mma10101 Shut the fuck up. Diaz destroyed Penn,thats what happend. You can say whatever you want but Diaz already beat BJ Penn so you might wanne shit teh fuck up. Not to mention that Nick also wasn’t 100% that night.

  5. bzest89 says:


    this is some funny stuff!!! really

  6. mma10101 says:

    @djcenkan Umm did you not see the 1st round BJ owned him if BJ was in shape Diaz would be in hospital dead now

  7. djcenkan says:

    @kurtsloane BJ destroyed Diaz 😉 jk he got assfucked so bad that he randomly retired inside the ring lol

  8. drohoe1 says:

    @dtanktdtank You faggot he beat a fat 170pound BJ PENN who he wrestled the whole time and made him tiered with his lay and gay shit for 4 rounds.Gsp=boring playing it safe homo with sleep fest boring fights.but I guess homo’s seem to enjoy other homo’s when they fight.and now GSP pulls out 1 week before the Condit after all that shit about Diaz not showing up,f##kin GSP = coward and boring ass fighter!!!

  9. dtanktdtank says:

    @drohoe1 fag, gsp beat the shit out of penn and penn quit didnt show up for round 5 and say his corner did it my ass they all told him DO YOU WANT THIS BJ and bj didnt say shit so they through in the towel. so stfu

  10. iamsofakingwetard says:

    @ImdboandrllyfatXD are you sure about that?

  11. Oussama34222 says:


  12. ImdboandrllyfatXD says:

    @iamsofakingwetard who cares it wouldnt matter if u went up to BJ penn he would fuck u up no argument.

  13. iamsofakingwetard says:

    @ImdboandrllyfatXD no offense but you have no clue who the fuck i am

  14. tanweer1988 says:

    What’s the song in the beginning?

  15. drohoe1 says:

    @iamsofakingwetard After seeing him fight Dieago Sanchez and Matt Huges,I wouldnt say that BJ Penn’s a the pussy.GSP is though.

  16. TheAndersonsilvafan says:

    That is going to be the closes thing that is going to happen but you cant say thoose fights are boring with Gsp. There still good fights

  17. bofohandsome says:

    Bj destroying Diaz?…that was hillarious!..XD…not even.

  18. ImdboandrllyfatXD says:

    @iamsofakingwetard i dare u to call him a pussy to his face u keyboard warrior bitch. i bet u go home without a face

  19. ImdboandrllyfatXD says:

    @carson61394 u act like GSP dominted shields. it was prolly the most unimpressive title defense in UFC history. Hendo was not at 100% vs shields either

  20. Maximum007 says:

    @kurtsloane You’re nuts if you think this will come to fruition.

  21. carson61394 says:

    @sabresfan630 also its not how many rounds you win/lose dumb ass its if you win the fight over all. the silva/sonnen fight is a prime example.. sonnen beat the fuck out of silva for 4 out of 5 rounds. and then silva still won the fight by submission. GSP is going to have another boring ass fight with Condit just like his past 2 fights but he’ll win. and BJ Penn will get a title shot after he beats Diaz and GSP is either going to get another tko or maybe even a KO this time against BJ Penn

  22. AznboiY2J says:

    @sabresfan630 lost 2 rounds after being poked in the eye like 100x by Shields right?

  23. carson61394 says:

    @carson61394 idk why i said kn9ocked out i just meant he beat dan henderson. and gsp didnt lose 2 rounds jake shields couldnt fucking take him gsp down and when he did he got back up. GSP makes wrestlers look stupid. GSP has beat BJ Penn

  24. sabresfan630 says:

    @carson61394 When did Jake Shields knock out Dan Henderson? I must have missed that… More like he wrestlefucked henderson. GSP had an easy stand up fight against shields and still lost two rounds GTFO of here.

  25. carson61394 says:

    @kurtsloane funny you say that cus i remember GSP already beating BJ Penn. GSP just beat Jake Shields, the man who was on a 6 year winning streak and had knocked out Dan Henderson 2 fights before he had fought GSP I don’t see Condit beating GSP and I’m not even saying that as a GSP fan I’m saying that as someone who witnessed him beat my favorite welter weight/ middle weight (someone i believed to be the best in welter weight) jake shields