UFC 137: Georges St-Pierre (GSP) vs. Carlos Condit

Carlos ConditVideo clip Ranking: four / five

25 Responses to “UFC 137: Georges St-Pierre (GSP) vs. Carlos Condit”

  1. LUKESTFD says:

    Mine are Sonnen (straight up fucking dick), Jon Jones (cocky twat) and I would say GSP but he’s such a nice guy it’s hard to hate him even if you love to hate him lol. So for my 3rd I’d go with Fitch because he actually TRIES to go to decision.

  2. MrZrod24 says:

    Alot of people are on testosterone therapy now. I think its cool fuck it. I’m almost 100% positive Hendo is on it

  3. MrZrod24 says:

    Love to hate Silva. Dude acts like he doesn’t know english and for some reason I don’t like that. I hope every single time that Silva gets beat by someone

  4. MrZrod24 says:

    Look who Bj has fought and Look who Diaz has fouhgt in the past few years. I respect Nick a ton but I think he is a bit overhyped like Shields was. I got my money on BJ

  5. jewjittsuguy says:

    I love to hate Silva!!!!!!!

  6. ledzeppelin8 says:

    @MJHOOKEDONMMA hahahahahahaha i don’t even know what to say

  7. UncutSports says:


    Sorry this time george was being dead ass serious



    @ledzeppelin8 your stuped, George is being sarcastic

  9. ledzeppelin8 says:

    @UncutSports haha no problem man! I thought so too since his last couple fights were only there and his fights are pretty spread out it’s easy to think that.

  10. UncutSports says:


    Damn and here i thought the guy only fought in his backyard. Thanks for the info.


  11. ledzeppelin8 says:

    hey george gsps last two fights were in canada but before that he fought in jersey against hardy and vegas against alves and penn. i was curious to see how many times he actually has fought in canada and i believ 129 and 111 were the only two times. sucks the main event wont happen yet on this card but penn vs diaz will be sick have a good one and congrats on the newspaper!

  12. Supermandudez18 says:

    dude this sucks! was looking forward to ordering this fight card just to see the GSP/Condit fight. but now i dont wanna order it 🙁 haha

  13. NY1love says:

    GSP pulled out of the fight cause of a knee injury. Now Condit gets no fight money, that sucks (guessing). They should let him fight someone tomorrow. GSP got out of an ass whooping. Now they will bypass him by saying the Diaz/Penn fight is for championship eliminator. (which is a relief to GSP).

  14. alanmeires says:

    @klitinski yes your right and a spiteful cunt aswell what he did to brock lesnar and Tim silva trying hes hardess to brake there arms ….i no what your saying

  15. winjorlose111 says:

    i want silva to lose he dont have respect

  16. dfdgfdgf0000 says:

    02:34 beautiful impersonation of a midget by George !

  17. SpiderSugaRushShogun says:

    1st – They pull, Diaz, from the main event saying he missed the press conf. and also said he missed out on main event money. 2nd- They put, Diaz, back on the card within 24 hours to face penn on the main card. 3rd- They move, Diaz, back to the main event and in return he is going to be making that main event money. THE UFC, JUST DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO!!

  18. Andsormida01 says:

    First of all Nick Diaz does not have decent TD defense. At what point in history has Diaz showed an aptitude for TD defebse? Second of all if a guy beats the right people they can deserve a rematch even if they lost a title fight, that’s why Lesnar will recieve a title match if he gets past Overeem, that’s why Sonnen will ge the rematch etc. I like your vids but some of the things you say is downright wrong.

  19. superwhiteboy619 says:

    Gsp is out of ufc 137
    New main event: bj penn vs nick diaz, condit is taken off the card

  20. rayalvarado24 says:

    i hate floyed mayweather, when i hear hate it dont matter what sport floyed alway is number one on my do not invite list. so floyed dont be trying to show up to my BBQs like if we coo…lol

  21. rayalvarado24 says:

    what the fuck is all that noise in the back round tell jimmy to shut the fuck up…

  22. ArSportsShow says:

    how can we find you in facebook if we dont know your name(I dont know)

  23. bubasa87 says:

    Sonnen, gsp, lesnard.

  24. ElijahStephon says:

    Matt hughes ….brock lesnar….chael sonnen

  25. XiR3LAPZEiX says:

    oooooh ya thx for the vid responses brother