Georges St-Pierre discusses Nick Diaz being removed from UFC 137, Carlos Condit

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25 Responses to “Georges St-Pierre discusses Nick Diaz being removed from UFC 137, Carlos Condit”

  1. 11musicgod11 says:

    @MaskedBlazer7 going to a press conference or just simply answering your phone is the most simplest thing leading up to the fight….it does mean shit because gsp showed up, therefore showing that he wanted to fight him….diaz not showing up on the other hand makes him look scared and not wanting to fight gsp. its pretty simple dude. gotta do the simple stuff to fight. not a big deal.

  2. MaskedBlazer7 says:

    @frankovich213 So you assume that he’s some psychic and knew that his trainer was coming to him to talk about it and just left in the nick of time? My assumption is that he went there and showed up for the party to show respect then left to do better things, I don’t think that he magically predicted his trainer coming up to him and talking to him about it. That’s just stupid. Nick has never been scared to fight anyone, especially people that give him big money.

  3. frankovich213 says:

    @MaskedBlazer7 No but jumping out your window and running like a bitch when your trainer comes to see why the fuck you’re not at the press conference does mean you’re scared.
    Nick looked like such an idiot saying GSP’s is scared at the very fight card that he could have been fighting George at, if he wasn’t such a little kid about things.

  4. MaskedBlazer7 says:

    @11musicgod11 None of that means shit unless he doesn’t show up to the fight day itself. Not wanting to go to a stupid press conference or meeting because you have better things to do doesn’t mean your scared.

  5. 002428 says:

    @11musicgod11 true diaz has no clue what he did i predict josh koscheck eye all alround his face :3

  6. 11musicgod11 says:

    @dalhousie44 thats alright, cuz now we actually get to see this fight. nobody can beat a pist off gsp.

  7. dalhousie44 says:

    @11musicgod11 yeh, it pisses me off that diaz claimed gsp was lying about his knee due to fear, even when the fight was called off way before his injury.

  8. AlcoholicSemenStain2 says:

    Where you at George!? Where you at motherfucker!!!???

  9. nohayamor says:

    @FireanIcemakeitspice Are you using some sort of translating device? If you are,dump that shit and get a new one.

  10. FireanIcemakeitspice says:

    especially wen the fighter got.degraded of how loose and easy its punches are..and how that fighter is easy enuf to fall for nethin,,b a frend and uplift its rating..

  11. FireanIcemakeitspice says:

    carlos..but..both//of..them./alredy//got//they//fighting//opponents// wen they alredy got their opponents the rest is nothing but a..use..of their body ee

  12. FireanIcemakeitspice says:

    carlos..condit..some parts is sick…he beat him up easy..

  13. endbrainwashing says:


  14. Raffael900me says:

    @ironbull2003 dana white made him why would carlos condit not want to get paid huge

  15. InsaneNerd1 says:

    I think what makes GSP so successful is that he always comes out and admits what his opponent is good at compared to other fighters who just say there going to win because the other guy sucks and they have much more skill then him.

    He works and trains hard and the results show.

  16. ironbull2003 says:

    Carlos Condit stepped down so that GSP can fight him

  17. wadopotato33 says:

    How can anyone hate GSP? Always seems to answer the questions truthfully and with class.

  18. rockanboi says:

    GSP and Dana were looking for every excuse for this fight not to go down.

    GSP would have gotten wrecked and pulls out of the Condit fight like a bitch

  19. jamlimited3 says:

    Nick Diaz is one of the biggest cowards in mma history….he’s the only fighter in over 1600 UFC fights to duck his opponent and after being kicked off the card, as ANYONE WOULD EXPECT, tries to blame the professional fighter who showed up as DUCKING HIM. THATS RETARDED ANYWAY YOU LOOK AT IT! Nick Diaz is a coward or the BOY is RETARDED! Sucks that GSP got hurt though. I just hope we get to see the professionals fight soon: GSP vs Condit!

  20. Maloperverso says:

    She’s cute, I bet GSP was thinking of her pussy during this interview!

  21. REELHIPHOP420 says:

    I think Diaz has what it takes… to take you out… I’ve always supported GSP… but I think he’s got what it takes…


    much more dangerous then nick diaz? wow gsp from what im hearing you must be the one smoking

  23. chuml32 says:

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  24. 11musicgod11 says:

    @ehohkay haha…im not a homo. infact i hate fags….n by the way your talking im assuming you think gsp is my favorite fighter, when in fact he is not. i dont know why your getting so emotional over this…if this is the way you live your life then its sad. GSP IS ONE OF THE BEST FIGHTERS IN THE WORLD. get over it. i dont like anderson silva but i acknowledge him as the best p4p fighter.

  25. ehohkay says:

    @11musicgod11 nope, not injured, faking, and ducking. and diaz missed a press conference (no cage at press conferences, therefore no fight at press conferences…understand yet?) dipshit, who is gonna miss fight night now? oh yeah, the french chicken! go lick a french bag or suck off ur dad or whatever kinda homo shit ur into, better yet go massage the champs knee and give him a wood so he can fuck ur face bitch!