Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit – UFC Undisputed 3 Prediction (UK)

Carlos ConditVideo clip Ranking: four / 5

25 Responses to “Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit – UFC Undisputed 3 Prediction (UK)”

  1. bhedda says:

    sorry dude machida doesn’t just run and throw a few combos to score points. He evades then he strike with the pure intention to break you or kill you. It was very obvious to me that he didn’t have octagon control but he did land a much higher volume of strikes. Nick Diaz attempted to finish the fight when he attacked and even when they finally made it to the ground Diaz looked for the finish. Condit was running and scoring points. He was not fighting to finish like Machida would.

  2. ApesMcCoy says:

    Don’t you dare liken Condit’s performance to the elusive Machida. Carlos was literally running in that fight. Sure he landed plenty of strikes, but he didn’t take octagon control or initiate attack like Lyoto would. I think you should watch the fight again…

  3. oscarcantu100 says:

    Evading and attacking is NOT running you fool! XD it’s a strategy! Machida evens uses it! It’s called defense. Do you not know anything about martial arts???

  4. ApesMcCoy says:

    I’m not sucking anyone’s dick, but way to bring up cock, homo. Condit will look like the real loser when he gets man-handled by GSP.

  5. ertyuloiuytr says:

    the fights over ……diaz lost go suck some1 elses dick ….like that cunt JONES

  6. ApesMcCoy says:

    He ran for five rounds. Also, it was Greg Jackson’s strategy…if Condit was left to come up with the gameplan he’d probably stand in the middle of the octagon throwing spinning back elbows for 5 rounds.

  7. oscarcantu100 says:

    Not no where near as diaz is! that’s why he fucking lost to Condit last saturday! XD He lost to Condit’s strategy! Evade and attack!

  8. Somebodyouthere says:

    love a little violence on a monday morning

  9. Thedon1981 says:

    This was more fun to watch, than the real one.

  10. TheHardstyleIcon says:

    haha, Condit wrecked Diaz

  11. pennyslad says:

    Diaz will win in real life

  12. ApesMcCoy says:

    He comes across as a bit of a D-bag tbh.

  13. idkmybffjv says:

    Oh. Haha, my bad.

  14. highlilman says:

    condit is going to win

  15. oscarcantu100 says:

    Condit is very respectful unlike Diaz.

  16. oscarcantu100 says:

    I don’t understand why you hate Carlos Condit so much. Nick Diaz is the one that does mainly all the shit talking. I hope Condit knocks his ass out!

  17. bluemonster50 says:

    these dam predictions are usually correct lol

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  19. SoloShow says:

    just u)

  20. YoungandReckless145 says:

    once they were wit jds and cain velazquez

  21. jaketyson85 says:

    carlos condin has zero chance of winning this fight. nick is a legit stockton wigger. he will pound carlo into smithereens ez.

  22. BosDeJosduif says:

    Condit must win, just because Diaz is an ass

  23. lightthef says:

    damn show me the whole fight instead of chopping it up plz

  24. ChecKxThExKickS says:

    @Phatinium haha only really GSP fans will know what you are talking about

  25. MannyMMA says:

    velasquez vs dos santos?