UFC 143: Dana White Believes Carlos Condit Deserved to Win UFC 143 Main Event

Carlos ConditVideo Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “UFC 143: Dana White Believes Carlos Condit Deserved to Win UFC 143 Main Event”

  1. LeeroyGinkenz says:

    The fakest mob boss in mob history!

  2. moneyxl00 says:

    Diaz was high when he fought Carlos, HE TESTED POSITIVE FOR MARIJUANA

  3. MrMatt204 says:

    at 4:22 he yells out “I’m Naked!” Dumb Goldie

  4. logic109 says:

    LOL!!! I know why Goldberg did that!

  5. leechababy says:

    Diaz prolly scored the weed from Goldberg. clearly this vid prooves Goldie has the best shit, lol

  6. rudiratte1 says:

    goldberg is such a fucktard

  7. Gurpreet25 says:

    Machida did lose the first two rounds, sorry but you’re not going to win the round playing the counter striker when you’re throwing the same amount of strikes as rampage but moving backwards. Machida got a free pass from the judges playing with his elusive style against shogun.

  8. TheOreoswithmilk says:

    nick tests positive for marijuana, i doubt there will be a rematch

  9. lonnie333 says:

    @scimitar2002 That aside, was a close fight. Maybe Nick will accept the rematch offered by Carlos. So far he HAS NOT, so he cannot b*tch about anything if he won’t even accept the rematch.

  10. MattSingh1 says:

    lol, at 4:24 Goldberg shouts “I’M NAKED!” (Listen with ear-phones)

  11. THEMOTHALIKA760 says:

    @godlovesuglyful that’s the ufc rules and carlos is lucky it wasn’t pride rules watch the fight aging diaz got more points according to UFC rules

  12. godlovesuglyful says:

    @THEMOTHALIKA760 Dude I bet the only thing you know about how a round is judged in mma is how to repeat what Goldberg says before every bout. Also UFC is an orginazition, boxing is a sport. Your argument is completly inductive by analogy. 505! Condit alll day!

  13. scimitar2002 says:

    @lonnie333 zero trouble? ok if you think defending against a rear naked choke is zero trouble then you must be uneducated.

  14. scimitar2002 says:

    @Redping2020 I would say you can argue that condit was slightly winning the first 4 minutes of that round, but the last minute made diaz win that last round.

  15. THEMOTHALIKA760 says:

    @samuelcraigrangi people need to understand that UFC is not boxing and a round is won by “AFFECTIVE Striking,Agression,grappling,and octagon CONTROL”

  16. samuelcraigrangi says:

    @THEMOTHALIKA760 Condit won the striking easily, then Nick got the take down. 10-10 round IMO. 


    diaz wins based by striking, aggression, and octagon control, not to mention the way diaz owned condit on the ground in the 5th, if there was a little bit more time on that clock nick would have tried to rush that armbar


    @kingoftheswing000 you stupid fuck that means shit, diaz has been in wars and has scar tissue beyond belief,anyone who knows about mma and know about guys like nick diaz forrest griffin, wandy and others, know that there face gets damaged quickly, so dont even talk about look at thier faces

  19. Darkdawg18 says:

    you can tell dana white was lying, No one gave round 5 to condit.

  20. lonnie333 says:

    @JihadKiller1s1k lol agreed

  21. lonnie333 says:

    @scimitar2002 Condit was in zero trouble and reversed the position before the bell.

  22. ericyoahan says:

    @ThePinkMan hey dude, i quit watching boxing, muaythai, kickboxing, you named it… when it gets to the elite level, they tend to get to tactical, too boring. yes, condit may have had won the fight. i say may. bcoz the judges could have easily scored a diaz win. who knows for sure? this is just my opinion, and there are probably 2 more million of opinions out there. one thing for sure is condit didn’t win me as a fan.. i would not be eager to watch him fight again..

  23. FreeTibetChinaOUT says:

    I had Diaz winning 1,2, and 5. Condit dissappointed me with his timidity and running away game plan. I actually thought Condit might knock out Nick Diaz in the first two rounds if he stood and fought, seeing as Nick invites danger on his chin early on. And I might have understood if Condit started backing away in the later rounds to score points if he couldn’t knock him out. But to totally pitter patter all night long was boring and I will think twice about watching him fight next time.

  24. ThePinkMan says:

    @ericyoahan They do give points for aggression. Simply moving forward, however, is not what’s considered effective aggression. In the past, judges have been criticized for choosing winners based on who was moving forward rather than who was actually executing effective offense (Many feel that was the reason Machida lost to Rampage, because Rampage was moving forward).

    It was actually pretty refreshing to see the judges not make the same mistake here.