UFC 143: Josh Koscheck vs Carlos Condit set for Superbowl Card

Carlos ConditVideo Score: 5 / 5

25 Responses to “UFC 143: Josh Koscheck vs Carlos Condit set for Superbowl Card”

  1. graffstar123 says:

    dito on every fuckin word!

  2. fightforglory88 says:

    I made this trailer what do you think? (you can see it in my channel)

  3. TheSweatyfatguy says:

    if rory took him down with ease what do you think gsp would do? btw its now condit vs diaz

  4. FaiIcard says:

    @voodoo9606 I don’t want to see a pierre vs koscheck 3

  5. eg206550 says:

    @voodoo9606 Wow, that’s a good record. I took, chael too. But I took Lauzon, but not because of talent or skill, but because I dislike Guillard’s cockiness. But I did take Dos Santos, when everyone and their moms were taking Velasquez, you took Dos Santos too??? Even MMA fighters were taking Velasquez cause of his wrestling, and I was wondering what these pros were thinking??? I knew Dos Santos wasn’t gonna waste time and try to last with this guy he was gonna try to KO him that first rd.

  6. mmadigest says:

    defnitely. looks like mendes/aldo is the main event, but will wait and see. should be good either way and a sellout

  7. eg206550 says:

    Oh wow, those are some awesome fights, for sure they’ll sell out that arena again. So i take it, the pattern for every UFC event in Brazil is gonna be brazil vs. The World???? Ex. Aldo/Mendes, Vitor/Johnson. It should be awesome! Brazil vs. The World is always fun!

  8. mmadigest says:

    I don’t know man, I highly doubt GSP is scared,he’s taken on all comers and not picked fights. I think he was legitimately pissed at Diaz.

  9. mmadigest says:

    lol i know, for his safety maybe they shouldn’t put him on that card:) right now it’s aldo/mendes on that card, and also vitor/anthony johnson. jan 14 in rio.

  10. eg206550 says:

    Oh wow, didn’t know the January one was in Brazil??? Sonnen in Brazil, that’s scary, if Anderson don’t kill’em, the brazilians will, lol.

  11. mmadigest says:

    that would be pretty amazing if they did go with that fight too. but they’ll probably try and get that one for brazil in january. who knows.

  12. eg206550 says:

    Damn, Superbowl Weekend would be an awesome card if Anderson vs. Sonnen get added too!!! Anderson vs. Sonnen, GSP vs. Diaz, and Koshcheck vs. Condit, CRAZY card!!!

  13. eg206550 says:

    Lol, what do you believe????

  14. eg206550 says:

    Kosh and Condit are some of my favorite fighters, I was hoping this matchup wouldn’t happen. GSP is a punk, he was my favorite fighter, but not after this shit, but he took the Diaz fight cuz he knows he has a better chance beating Diaz, than facing Condit, GSP said himself “Condit is a more dangerous fighter than Diaz.” But Koshcheck against Condit is a fight I don’t want to see, Koshcheck will probably take him down at will, Rory was able to take down Condit with ease, hope it’s a draw.

  15. eg206550 says:

    Damn, this fight had to happen. Kosh and Condit are some of my fav fighters. Fuck Dana White! He don’t care about his employees, playing Condit like that, telling media he gave up his title shot, when in all actuality, he hadn’t even talked to Condit yet, but he knew he was gonna force Condit out of it! Fuck Nick Diaz, Fuck GSP(who was my fav fighter)! They’re gonna get what’s coming to them when they face Condit!!! Disrespecting him and acting like he didn’t even matter. Vengence is sweet!

  16. mmadigest says:

    he’ll probably be trying to keep this one standing. he’s turned into a KO artist as of late.

  17. bigboyyy121 says:

    i like Condit as a fighter and i believe he will beat josh pretty easily and if he doesnt beat Josh easily i dont believe either fighter deserves a title shot

  18. FaiIcard says:

    yeah but it was Condit who’s in line now. If Condit wins it’s likely he fights GSP. However, should Josh win, he’d step in front of that line. I doubt they’d give him another fight he’d need to win, otherwise I don’t know if it’d be all that fair

  19. mmadigest says:

    it’d be kind of weird if he was because he just got one two fights back and gsp/kos 3 isn’t something people want to see again that badly. maybe if it’s diaz/koscheck they’d do it, but probably someone else will get a chance like fitch if he wins his next bout vs hendricks or jake ellenberger or someone else.

  20. FaiIcard says:

    so if Koscheck wins, he’s in line for a title shot again?

  21. jonremache says:


  22. jonremache says:

    I know that but will Koscheck get anpther shot or move up to MW?

  23. mmadigest says:

    True, he’ll probably be fighting off his back in this fight .Sure he’ll be working a lot of the 4 S’s off his back:
    subs, sweeps, scrambling and strikes.

  24. mmadigest says:

    If Koscheck does win he probably won’t get a title shot because just got on 2 fights back. If Fitch wins his next bout maybe he would. Aside from that who else would they put in there? Ellenberger?….

  25. Oreillyisthebest says:

    kos vs condit sounds like an awesome fight….it will be interesting to see if kos tries to stand…either way, condit better train that triangle and other back subs