UFC 143 Press Conference: Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit Faceoff

Carlos ConditMovie Ranking: four / 5

25 Responses to “UFC 143 Press Conference: Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit Faceoff”

  1. 10cannons says:

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  2. colddevil91 says:


  3. Passenger87 says:

    Nick Diaz is probably the most misunderstood fighter in MMA. If people look at it like the WWE then they don’t understand. Nick Diaz has been respectful after most of his fights. Nick Diaz is there to fight and finish. I don’t blame Condit for doing what he did. They need a rematch.

  4. raiden241 says:

    Diaz won that fight he took the 1s round, 2nd round, 3rd round and the fifth round. I think that the fight was rigged they even had joe rogan saying that condit was winning that’s what leads me to belive the fight was riiged because dana dosen’t want Nick to be a champion in the ufc. what a disgrace to the sport what they did to Nick Diaz.

  5. pvvnummer1 says:

    condit was a runner

  6. themack509 says:

    Omg Diaz shook his hand.

  7. TheCMan says:

    Don’t think it was disappointment. I think it was SHOCK and AWE! I think everyone was surprised that he returned the handshake. Nick does alot for the community where he lives. I think he has a soft spot, just doesn’t want to show it to the media.

  8. TheRageGhost says:

    fuck off man condit is the one getting murdered

  9. Pudulinski says:

    Maybe diaz is changing his attitude.. i hope it turns out for the better, we will see tonight if him becoming “nicer” affects his fighting.. me personally liked the “old” diaz, hes still my hero though

  10. sequal420 says:

    i honestly believe that if Condit wins GSP will “be ready to fight” and if Diaz wins Dana will throw a couple fights his way before GSP…ijs Dana said it himself, ” theres all kinds of factors determining when GSP willbe ready to fight…..”

  11. Dojacon says:

    Diaz by domination!!!!

  12. Meshikamadness says:

    haha did you see nick thinking about shaking his hand

  13. RamboDDSDicing says:

    Thumbs up if you were surprised Nick Diaz took the hand shake. Don’t lie to yourself people, I was waiting for Diaz to slap Carlos’s hand.

  14. harry0893 says:

    Koscheck, Nelson, Diaz, thats who im going for

  15. rapking1881 says:

    nice little pause from the handshake in the end by diaz.. he’s lost the plot

  16. lameljarvis says:

    rite,shows the respect he has for condit

  17. Beatdownartist says:

    I’m surprised Nick took tha handshake!!!

  18. 357raider says:

    Edgar vs Melendez

  19. Desi9 says:

    lol agreed diaz bro’s have been my fav fighters ever since i seen Nate on TUF. Hopefully nick smashes condit tomorrow

  20. drubeast says:

    Hey thanks tips

  21. MrAlala911 says:

    you are right. but he shaked condits hand for crying out loud 😀 i just want him to win so badly, since he has been my favourite fighter for a long time, and i’d love to see him get the title cos he deserves it. but the diaz brother bring it every time, me feeling weird about this doesn’t make a fucking difference 😀 can’t wait 4 tomorrow.

  22. CLOVERCITYY15 says:

    u will all see either the fight will end cuz of a shot from condit to th e bad scar tissue nick has on his eyes, or the fight will drag out 5 rounds and condit will get tired…how many carlos fights ahve u seen go 5 rounds ? cardio will be a big advantage for nick in this fight

  23. twalker1278 says:

    Nick looked like he was gonna snatch the belt out of Dana’s hands and run. LOL

  24. TheViolenceMan says:

    sadly condit will lose against the trailer park dweller diaz

  25. TheHusker34 says:

    heck yeah!!